Book shops, conventions, libraries - these are some of the wonderful places I've showcased the Forging of a Knight series, talking fantasy, making great new friends, and bringing on board new readers into the Forging of a Knight adventure! 

PeoriaCon, Peoria, IL March 7th, 2020!

Well, it's a wrap - another exciting, wonderful, and fun-filled Saturday at this fantastic event (its second year!) held at the Expo Gardens in Peoria, IL - great people, awesome staff, and of course, some newly knighted knights for Forging of a Knight!

It's always a pleasure to see some familiar faces, like my booth neighbor Todd Black (writer and creator of many comics and novels. Including Guardians, Home, 10,000 Miles and SOS), and some friendly returnees that came by to say hi. Check out some of the awesome cosplay costumes in the pics attached! 

Already looking forward to next year...

Barnes and Noble Book Signing, West Dundee, IL 10/26/19!

Thanks, Barnes and Noble, West Dundee IL for an amazing event!
I had a wonderful time during my 2nd book signing at this B&N location. Many props go to Jeff Turner, Community Business Development Manager, for his setup and support as well as the entire staff! 

Here are a few pics before my phone went dead of some of the many readers and knights picking up a copy! The pic directly below this text shows my nephew Gino and my sis, Wanda! Humble thank-you's to all for giving Forging of a Knight a try...!

CodCon (College of DuPage), Glen Ellyn, IL April 12-14, 2019!

As always, another fantastic time at this local convention at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. Big kudos to Dr. James Allen and the awesome crew of the College of DuPage Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming Club for the wonderful experience.  Truly it was a Con of Ice today with the sudden snowstorm that hit this Sunday - but that didn't stop devoted attendees from braving the snow and slush to make it to the last day of CodCon. I'm already counting down the days for next year's Con!!

Peoria Con, Peoria, IL March 2nd, 2019!

Well, the day is over, and it was a total blast! Peoria Con was amazing - one day, first appearance of this 'Con, and a successful event! Kudos to all the people who were involved in building this out and humble thank you's for the opportunity to participate AND thank you's to all the new Knights who joined the adventure!!

Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN August 2-5, 2018!

This is the biggie - the granddaddy of the tabletop gaming conventions.  Card games, role-playing games, movies, LARPing, and more!  From roughly 100 attendees in 1968 to 70,000 in 2019, it's a four day event that cannot be missed!  ho joined the adventure!!  Here is just a sample of the awesome time I had at the event!

CodCon (College of DuPage), Glen Ellyn, IL April 13-15th, 2018!

First time at this fun local convention hosted by the College of DuPage.  Couldn't wait to go back!

Schaumburg Library Indie Author Day Event, Schaumburg, IL October 14th, 2017!

Always fun to bump into fellow authors old and new (Randall Allen Dunn, Dan Refvik, Chiara Talluto, Georgann Prochaska, Margie Mack, Patrick Rizio) at this wonderful library - and MANY thanks to Allison, Fiction Librarian Extraordinaire, for being such a gracious host! Also fun are friends new and old of Forging of a Knight - I had to highlight two Sara's who stopped by - the first an awesome fan of fantasy, Dr. Who, cosplay, Hobbits, and assorted elves - where were you at Gen Con?!?! The second Sara is my former manager/HR Director who I have missed immensely, along with her son Ben, an amazing young man! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Barnes and Noble, West Dundee, IL August 26th, 2017!

Thanks to all who came to the Barnes and Noble signing in West Dundee! The staff was supportive, friendly, and just all around amazing. Three books were all that were left after the awesome support from friends, family (Gino, Sal, and Wanda), and new readers in the fold! The three that are left are signed and waiting for intrepid readers to bring home...

Gen Con 50, Indianapolis, IN August 17-20th, 2017!

This was the biggie! Celebrating 50 years of gaming!  Special music guests, creator guests, dances, art shows, gaming, and a big highlight: A recreation of Horticultural Hall from Wisconsin where it all began!

2nd Annual Authors Fair at Gail Borden Public Library, Elgin, IL Sunday April 23rd, 2017!

Here are some great shots taken from the event that were posted on the library's Flickr page! There I am, along with another pic of me and my table buddy, Randall Allen Dunn. I still say he should have worn his fedora...

Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN August 4-7th, 2016!

Here we go!! After a four hour drive from IL to downtown Indy, past rolling plains and acres of wind farms (These things are huge! Try passing all these giant rotating blades at night when they are lit and you'll swear the mothership landed) I finally made it to the convention center.

New costumes, new friends, and HEEYYY - on page 118 of their official program book showcasing Authors' Avenue which I am a part of, check out the picture of some of the author tables from last year - yep, there I am at my booth! I'll take the free plug, thanks Gen Con!

Evergreen Park Library Author's Expo, Evergreen Park, IL April 16th, 2016!

Awesome friends that have supported me all the way - Jesus and Elena, thanks so much for stopping by at the Evergreen Park Library Author's Expo! Elena, I await all of your questions about the series to-date! Go for it!

Counti-Con, Lake County Fairgrounds, IL August 29-30th, 2015!

The inaugural event for Counti-Con!  What made it extra special was a lot of family support, as most of them were local to the area ( in order of pics) - nephews Julian (on the left of Clark Kent), Sal, one of my sisters, Yazmin, and to her right, my niece-in-law Marie Green!  

Thanks for coming!!

Gen Con Cornucopia, 2013-2015, Indianapolis IN!

A medley of pictures from my first three official author events which coincided with my first three visits to Gen Con from 2013-2015!  When I was younger, I had always dreamed of going to this convention, and here I was years later as a vendor participant!  You'll start to see a few repeating faces as new readers would visit year after year to say hello...and to continue the Forging of a Knight adventure!